'portable' Solar Panel In The Skylight?

Discussion in 'Solar Power' started by Chockswahay, May 28, 2015.

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    I dunno if this has been asked before but has anyone ever used a small portable panel positioned in the skylight just to keep the 'engine' battery topped up?

    I have not yet needed solar when out and about but when at home I notice that the van engine battery starts to run down a little after 2 weeks (!). I assume this is due to the alarm and PIR's being on all the time??

    So I wondered if a small panel could be propped up in the skylight space (inside) and plugged in to the engine battery (somehow?) might just make a difference....

    Does anyone have any advice please?
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    I have a suitcase type folding one in the garage its a 13 watt type and I used to use it when van was in storage but now have a solar panel fitted by eddie vanbitz so dont need it, I used croc clips direct to battery it worked ok kept alarm and battery topped up ,if you would like it let me know £ 20 plus post :)

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