Portable DVD player/small dual voltage TV-DVD combo your thoughts

Jul 1, 2010
SW Northumberland
Hymer B 588 DL
Since September 2010
Our grand-daughter coming up 3 years old often (very) travels with us, till now she usually slept once on the move. Now it's the "need attention/ entertaining stage. OH has suggested buying a portable DVD player for her favourite movies, browsing tonight has me wondering, DVD players have drawbacks including bulk, screen size and audio quality. Got me wondering would it be better to go for a 12/13 inch dual voltage TV/DVD combo.

Anyone been there or have advice.


Jul 2, 2008
Cannock, Staffs or Benidorm, spain
A class Burstner
Since 2000
A tablet ... !!! ??
We have 2 grandkids, now aged 7 and 9. Live with us full time, come on many rallies and since old enough to sit up have travelled with us here in UK and on many trips to spain... So yes I know what works for them..
Early days they had cheapish Android ones, now older they have mini ipads.
As well as using them for playing video's, you have music, games inc educational ones.. etc...
All their favourite DVD's I used to convert on the PC and load onto the tablets.

The cheaper android ones have improved a lot since they started with them but you also now have a greater choice of used devices....
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