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    Tea Bag

    Nov 3, 2013
    Sat here watching "East Midlands News",after the 18.00hrs BBC news. Showing a lad working in a garage in Sutton in Ashfield,there was a mini type car **** ANN. and a M/home on a ramp. I knew the Decals on the m/home at once,it belongs to an old mate,who has been getting it back to as good as new,but the Decals proved to be a bit hard to get right,so he got a local to him sign shop/designers to have his m/home for a few days and to come up with something.
    This they have done ,a super job,after all,it is an 1990 Elddis?..Autoquest,just got off the phone to him,and he did not know he was now a "Celebrity",being an ex,"Human Mole" he finished the call by saying.."Do you think this has doubled its value ?"..LOL
    Tea Bag

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