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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Rose Royce, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. Rose Royce

    Rose Royce

    Oct 3, 2007
    I guess that all new motorhomes are diesel powered, but when looking at older vehicle does one choose petrol or diesel and why?
  2. American Dream

    American Dream

    Aug 20, 2007
    I chose petrol because I find they are a little easier to work on.

    My previous was a diesel and was a B++++y heavy engine to maneouver about.:ROFLMAO:

    I think the diesel's tend to be engineered to a higher tolerance.

    That plus the diesel engine's tendancy to develop more pulling power (torque) at lower revs tends to help this reduce the wear rate.Plus the fuel is "oilier" so aids lubrication IMO.

    Modern diesels are more refined than those of old.

    The mpg tends to be better but this is equalised now by the higher cost of the fuel.

    Personally I'd go Petrol every time, but that's my own preference only.
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  3. Braunston


    May 21, 2008

    I personally would go for a diesel as from the different cars i have had i have never managed to achieve the mpg stated on the petrol versions by the manufacturers albeit i have always exceed the mpg on the diesel versions, hope that makes sense

    Example:- i have had 2 similar age focus's the petrol version on general motoring e.g. around town stop start and some occasional trips to the coast has never returned more than 35 mpg however under similar use the diesel version always returns around 50 mpg albeit if you look at the manufacturers data for mpg both cars are shown with very similar results.

    I know that's not scientific but it does seem to follow a pattern of my experience between petrol and diesel engined vehicles.

    Taking the above into account together with the life expectancy of a diesel engine against a petrol and the small difference in price between petrol and diesel at the pumps i think diesel win every time, also if you travel a lot in Europe the margins between petrol and diesel at the pumps are reversed so i think diesel wins .

    However if you convert your petrol engine to LPG or even better buy one that has already been converted ?? and Gordon doesn't do anything to the tax on LPG then!! while the argument doesn't completely change it does make the choice a lot more difficult ???

    Just my opinions hope they helps
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  4. Terry

    Terry Funster Life Member

    Dec 27, 2007
    South yorks
    Hi it all comes down to preference - a van is always going to be near max weight limit.Diesil engines have more torque (pull at lower revs)but are uaualy noiser,but less gear changing.Petrol are quieter but need more revs and are normaly faster.Take 2 mh,s same size etc, the petrol will do say 18/20 mpg while the D will do 23/25 mpg so you are looking at about 20 to 25 percent more ecomomy from the diesil with less gear changing.Petrol mh,s are usualy cheaper to buy so this can add to the equasion -£1000 buys a lot of fuel.
    pays your money and makes your choise:thumb:
  5. Bulletguy


    Feb 7, 2008
    All depends on what you are prepared to accept. Here is a couple of examples from personal experience.

    My campervan has a 2.5 diesel direct injection non-turbo engine. Bit noisy on cold start and low revs but once motoring along becomes less noisy. It will cruise all day long at 60mph and return 40+mpg (the van weighs 2.5 ton unladen) and i've had that figure when loaded up. It will push up to 75-80+mph, but then you sacrifice the economy. Also you have to ask yourself......if i really wanted to blast down motorways at 80mph, is any mh the most ideal vehicle? I think not!

    My friend has the identical engine in his campervan....but with turbo. His will sail up a bank in 5th where i would need to change down a gear. His will pull away on standing start a lot quicker than mine will. His engine is quieter than mine, but then its also five years 'younger'! However, his average mpg is 33-35max at a steady 55mph.

    As for petrol engine mh's. Pretty much the same as cars....quieter, but expensive to run and of course high mileage on any petrol engine is nothing to a diesel.

    Regarding maintenance/price you have to balance any costing against the type of engine. Whether it be diesel or petrol, the more sophisticated it is, the more it will cost when something goes wrong.

    Also another point to bear in mind is make/model. My engine is a Ford Transit......that means mega cheap parts which are easily obtainable in many countries. There will be a Ford dealer or garage within a few miles. You will have read posts on this mb from people with relatively 'newish' mh's/rv's who are stuck for a certain part. Some have to import the part from the USA because its not available here. Others go off on holiday in France or Spain, breakdown, then find the nearest dealer is 500 miles away! But thats the penalty you pay if you decide to buy some obscure make/model mh/rv.

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