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    May 28, 2008
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    Just to give my experience coming back from Portugal via Bilbao to Portsmouth.
    The dog has to be wormed 1-5 days before travel. Or so I thought.
    We counted back 5x days before travel and had our dog Jake wormed and his passport stamped.
    When whe went to check-in at the port they would not accept the stamp as it should have counted back from arriving in the UK.
    As it was the evening before sailing and we we staying on the docks, we were told to go to a local Vet to get the Dog redone.
    On going to the vet they said to give him a second dose so soon would make him sick.
    So they stamped his passport as having been wormed an charged us 24euros for the privalage.
    Went back to the docks the man gave us a nice smile and waved us through.
    So just a warning to count back from arriving in the UK.


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