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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by EricOnTour2, Nov 7, 2008.

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    Hi all,

    It's not long before we're coming home now, and we go to Holland soon. We're planning on spending some time in Amsterdam and wondered if anyone hadf any recommendations of good parking spots? Free if possible, and wild is not a problem.

    We notice there is somewhere in the Camperstop book but details are sketchy (no change there then)

    Hope all is well

    James (and Mike and Eric)
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    Hi, Amsterdam is a bit of a hard place to wild camp and I WOULD NOT TELL ANYONE TO DO SO, if you look on the map its one road and one out and we used a campsite which was in the camperstop book, its very close to the train station and its easy to get into the city and back out. I must say that we had had enough of the place after two days and I was glad to move on.
    The campsite was OK but cost around £20 euros with two dogs, the train return was I think £4 euros each.
    Pick up a street map, you will need it.
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    Parking in amsterdam is a nightmare. So bad in fact that after we drove there in our camper van, we toured the congested city for about half an hour before turning round and parking outside the city... :Doh:

    Decided it was probably easier to get the train into Central.

    The only thing is I was paranoid all weekend about the security of my RV which was left in a holiday park in Rijnsburg, which seemed like a bit of a dodgy area.

    It was all well and good when I arrived back though. Anyway, the morale of the story is, If you're going to Amsterdam, Park & Ride!
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    Tropical Bar,Benidorm.
    Have heard of people staying <here> when visiting Amsterdam. No personal experience though.

    EDIT.... sorry looks like this site is closed from November through to March
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    Thanks for the replies. We've been to a few towns where parking has been a nightmare but have always found somewhere eventually - sounds like Amsterdam is really bad though.

    We'll give it a try and if not we'll do the park and ride scheme. I'll let you know if we find anywhere!

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    Hi James, we stayed here:

    Camping Hostel Amsterdam “Het Amsterdamse Bos” ligt aan de zuidrand van het schitterende Amsterdamse Bos.

    Nice site useing the acsi card 14 euro, and you cycle through the park to Amsterdam, but its closed from the 15th Dec till 15th Jan.:Smile: so I dont know when you were thinking of staying.:RollEyes:

    Another thing I was looking at was this: Natuurkampeerterreinen

    But we are not going again till next May, so I cant tell you where the sites are because we dont have the book.:Doh: But it might be useful to look out for one while you are there.:Laughing: Bob.
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    Hi, Amsterdam is a zoo, you will see what I mean when you get there. What ever you DON,T WILD CAMP near the place.
    the link given by Brisey was the place we stopped over, its gated and OK for what it offers, cost us I think 24 euros with the dogs, elc etc. the train station is a 3 min walk away and takes you into the city, runs until past 11 at night cost just over 4 euros return.
    For the time you will be there, its worth using a site just to keep thanks safe.
    Anne Franks house is a total waste of time, I never knew which bit dated from the war and which was new. All the items are copies within the rooms, and its a bit of a let down.
    the pubs and bars are a rubbish, and full of same.
    Anyway, enjoy your time.
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