Oz And James’s Big Wine Adventure

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    Sep 12, 2007
    Oz And James’s Big Wine Adventure - BBC TWO

    [​IMG]Oz Clarke and his “young wine apprentice”, James May, leave the Old World of France and head for California to seek out the best and worst that the New World has to offer.
    The “odd couple” are reunited on Muscle Beach where Oz won the World Wine Tasting Championships in the Eighties. His bubble is soon burst when James reveals his vehicle of choice for their road trip: a 42ft monster motor home which they will share for four hot, cramped and sweaty weeks.
    The first stop is in Buellton in Santa Barbara County – the home of Pinot Noir and the location of the film Sideways. James soon becomes bemused by the reality that Oz Clarke is a local hero and an inspiration to young wine-makers, especially to the glamorous Amy, who later accompanies the boys to dinner at the famous Hitching Post restaurant.
    Highlights include the boys squeezing into wetsuits to go surfing, and meeting wine-maker Fess Parker, who played Davy Crocket in the TV series, and one of the world’s most notorious vintners – wild boy Jim Clendenan.
    James soon proves to Oz that he has continued to improve his wine-tasting skills; however, a black cloud is on the horizon. By the end of the programme, James is rather upset that the New World of wine is as complicated as the Old World and prone to be just as pompous!
    Tuesday 16 October 8:00pm BBC2
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    Aug 1, 2007
    If they are as annoying as they were in the first series, I will be watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire on ITV.


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