Oven issues

May 17, 2016
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Elddis Autostratus
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I fancy pizza and thought it's about time I tried the oven in my van.

Problem is the igniter doesn't work. I've been using the hob by lighting it via a separate sparker.

Is the igniter worked off a small battery somewhere? If I can't find/fix that can I light the oven using the sparker? I have tried this but couldn't get it lit. I tried clicking the sparker all over to try an find some gas but no joy.

It's a Rose 6070 on an old Talbot van if that helps.


Jan 15, 2019
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Bessacarr E562
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Info from handbook found online:

To light the oven burner:

Open the oven door. Slightly depress the control knob and turn anti-clockwise until the indicator on the control knob is aligned with the Nº 9 marking on the facia. Fully push in the control knob and apply a source of ignition to the burner.

After the burner has lit, continue to keep the control knob pushed for a further 20 seconds. If the burner extinguishes when the knob is released, repeat the lighting procedure but keep the knob pushed in fro a longer period.

Note: A stop is fitted at the Nº 9 position and the control knob has to be pushed in slightly before the control knob will pass this position.

To Turn Off:

turn the oven control knob until the indicator on the control knob is aligned with the reference mark "0" on the facia panel.

The knob should spring out and lock on the "OFF" position.
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