One Not to Miss in Normandy

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    We are quietly working our way back up to Calais after eight brilliant weeks over here in France.

    More by accident than design we have finished up on an ACSI site which is Les Moulettes (no 979 in the book) this will be our last stop before we go to Montreuil for a couple of nights where there is a vets that we have always used on previous trips for the repatriation of our dog

    This site also has an aire just outside the gate (no 13 in the Normandy section of the aires book )

    The point of the post is just look at the pictures of the local seaside town (Veules-les Roses), This is one well worth a visit as it is extremely pretty and has the shortest river in France at only a kilometer long which is gin clear and stuffed full with nice sized brown trout.

    We had never heard of it before as I am sure many of you haven't but do give it a visit it is well worth it.
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