no sound from obseverview ?

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    following on from my attemt to connect my sat reciever to my built in system and play sound from the radio, I bought a long r/w/ y patch lead and connected it in to the 3 way switch, all I got was vidio and no sound, I had the power switchs on for the obseverview, and the radio switched off the signle from the ariel as it should, but no sound from the 3 way switch.

    So I tuned in the on board humax freeview and I had vidio from the that but again no sound?
    the two sound output wires are connected correctly and tight so there should be sound. I havent checked the input on the radio as Im not sure how to remove it. I phoned autotrail who refererd me to a dealer but Id much rather sort it my self if poss

    any tips folks

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