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Discussion in 'The Beginner' started by sallysludgebucket, Apr 26, 2008.

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    The Sludgebucket mobile is a 21 year old FIat Ducato Sarassota coachbuilt 4 berth, 17ft long, 9ft high based on the 1.3t chassis, registered as a disability vehicle weighing around 2.2 ton. I know I will have to find an MOT station that will take the height, but is it just a normal MOT ?

    Please excuse my ignorance, I have been doing lots of work to try and find out about the conversion company and drawn a blank, so if anyone knows anything about GT Automotive I would be chuffed to hear.
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    Sunny Croydon.

    I'am no expert but I believe it' a class 4 mot... not a car mot. The main thing is to check with the garage that they can handle the size of your vehicle... you could try your local council depot for your mot.
    Most council run depots have a facility to mot their own vehicles and a bay open to public.
    Pete. :thumb:
    Have a look here also. MOT test fees : Directgov - Motoring
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    CHeers Pete, I have found a garage that can handle the height now in Kidderminster, when I have the full details I will post them on here for others.

    Cheers SSB
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    Hi all motorhomes are class 4 MOT(same as a car) , irrespective of weight my 9ton RV is class 4 as is dicks 15ton? Monaco.

    The biggest problem is finding a garage which can handle the weight, as most garages lifts are rated at 3.5tons or less, and most lorry garages which do lorry MOT's have the facilities but can't do class 4. We take ours to the ministry.


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