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Feb 18, 2017
Greenwich, London, UK
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Hymer MLT 570
Just seen this. Do you have a location for Applegate Farm as I can't seem to find them. Currently at Mariners Farm by Rainham, Kent, only 15 mins from me but they have put prices up and now £212 per qtr. Probably par for course but would like to check out local alternatives.
We used to store a boat at Mariners Farm back in the 80's and 90's
(When old farmer Robinson ran the place as a farm and orchard, the storage was just a side line)

I think you will find the storage cost for motorhomes much of a muchness, £60-70 per month seems to be the going rate for areas just beyond the M25.

It's all about the security and access.
Most insurers want CASSOA Gold level of security (even if the location is not actually CASSOA registered)

Basically it must have:

Fencing and/or a berm all around the site, as there have been several thefts where the motorhome or caravan was simply driven through a hedge and across several fields. As fencing can usually be easily removed, it's the berm the insurance companies are looking for. (That said, a berm can be removed by a JCB in under 10 mins)

Monitored and recorded CCTV

24hr Security on site (IE the owner lives on site)

Gated entry: ideally double 'airlock' gates.

You then need to look at the facilities:
Most important is access. Is it 24x7 or less.
We turned down the boatyard in Rochester as access was only Monday to Saturday office hours. That only works if you are retired or very local.

Other facilities are things like electricity, water, can you dump the elsan or grey water on site, can you wash the van on site, will the site owner permit outside companies in to work on your van ?
Jul 25, 2022
Newington, Sittingbourne, Kent, UK
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July 2022
Thanks. Mariners Farm doesn't tick many of those boxes, especially the facilities. It's still basically a big parking lot although am very happy with the security. Basically, it's the location that most appeals, being just 15 mins from me. It's not 24hrs but open times are 8.00am to 8.00pm April to August, slowly dropping to 4.00pm over winter months. Guess I will stick with them for the moment then. Thanks

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