May June 2016 part 2

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    Fussen - commercial site at Hopfen See. nice small site but next to no electricity was a 1/3 of the bill.
    happened to pick up some shopping opposite the slightly out of town stellplatz and just a glimpse through the rain did not impress me much.
    went to Neuschwanstein - mad ludwigs castle - and so did everybody else - i suppose it had to be done. pleasant town to walk around.
    Lindenburg i. Allgau carpark(free) reserved spaces before the height barrier no services. walk down the path straight out of the carpark that used to be the railway line and take a right when u see the church. town looked as if it had seen better days.
    Lindau stellplatz €24 per day follow the P&R signs with the motorhome symbol. we parked up for a couple of hours €4 and took the free bus. i expected the town to be much better than it was but we had a good walk around although it was starting to get very busy when we left with all the coach trippers.
    Uberlingen managed to find a parking spot eventually up by the station but the areas we visited along the bodensee seemed to be fairly motorhome unfriendly. thought this was a nicer town than lindau more intimate scale and easy to walk around.
    Ludwigshafen acsi site 792. very busy -thought we would not get in as a vw rally in progress. they gave us a lakeside spot which was great. facilities were a bit over taxed with the numbers of campers and the weather. live band on in the evening and a few beers but then the rain started again.
    Triberg i. Schwarzwald cuckoo clock capital of the world. parked up for a while and had a wander around. if u want a cuckoo clock this is the place to go but take plenty of money i could not believe some of the prices. the guy in the tourist office said there are 3 motorhome spaces (free) by the bus turn top of town but when we looked not even quattro ramps with a brick under would have got us level.
    Then it started persisting down - second time in black forest and both times a washout.
    Oppenau stellplatz just looked like a builders yard drove in drove out dont bother.
    Oberkirch stellplatz €7.5 spacious pitches with electricty available. services are about 50 mts from the parking area so if u need to get water or empty watch out for the signs.
    helpful guy explained as best he could that the pay and display machine is kaput and someone collects the money. when he arrived later i did not twig at first what he was on about and no english. when he went next door i suddenly realised and managed to avoid a diplomatic incident by paying up.
    Kleinblittersdort actually just over the border off the road to here from Sarreguemines(F). well maintained big 60 pitch stellplatz behind a health spa. €10 1 toilet spotless no shower almost empty when we were there.
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