Malvern Ralliers

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  1. Jim

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    Jul 19, 2007
    Sutton on Sea
    For those that can't wait, here you go::bigsmile:

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  2. Janine

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    Aug 22, 2007
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    or for all you gangstas out there.......

    Dear Funster,

    Yo, wuz crackalackin', biatch? Yo ass is smokin Malvern.

    Yo ass is now parked up wit Funstas all round yo thugged-out ass yo. Hopefully yo' rally marshal gonna git introduced you ta at least one of dem parked close by; but if not, please do seek up n' introduce yo ass ta yo' neighbours. Funstas is a straight-up thugged-out bunch, so there’s no need ta be shy.

    Warners have 4 nightz of entertainment arranged, all is free apart from one venue on Saturdizzle night.Plenty of Funstas will git all up in dis entertainment each evening. Wear yo' badges n' you’ll hook up others. If you wanna go tha entertainment wit others so you can sit together, then hook up all up in tha rally marshal’s pitch at 7pm n' you may find others there locked n loaded ta wander over up in yo' faaaaaace biaatch!

    On Fridizzle n' Saturdizzle night, loadz will chizzle ta ‘do they own thang’ or hook up wit others up in our tented area. Yo ass is under no obligation at all. If you fancy poppin up in n' tha drizzle is good, brang along a cold-ass lil chair n' whatever yo ass is drankin anytime between 8pm n' midnight.
    Fridizzle at 5pm we gonna git a cold-ass lil cheese n' Cristal gathering, brang along either some, cheese, or biccies/savouries or Cristal ta share, n' I’m shizzle we’ll gotz a giggle. This is early enough so dem goin ta tha straight-up legit entertainment is ghon be able ta git all up in both.

    Saturdizzle at 6pm (weather permitting) we’ll have a Gangsta Supper n' shiz. If you’re up fo' it, brang along yo' cooked chicken n' or side-dishes ta share n' we’ll all git stuck in. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. We should have all dem BBQ up in place so you can cook yo' supper there as well.

    Sundizzle Breakfast - Between 10 n' 11am Our Sundizzle mornin bacon rolls is always ghettofab at just £1 Brin along a gangbangin' fruity-ass malt liquor n' a appetite between 10 n' 11am.
    Because we cannot git mah playas under cover, these events is drizzle dependent. Right back up in yo . Should we need ta make any chizzlez we’ll let you know. Look up fo' tha notice board dat will keep you up-to-date wit events

    Rally Marshals is ghon be pushin raffle tickets over tha weekend . If yo ass be able ta donate a prize dat would be pimped out. Da proceedz of tha raffle is fo' our event shelter purchase fund. Y'all KNOW dat shiz, Da raffle is ghon be called at 11am on Sunday

    Us thugs gonna git tha red Funsta tent all up in tha show over tha weekend yo, but it ain't no stoppin cause I be still poppin'. (Look fo' tha flags) In tha tent, we will have free club stickers, badges n' flyers n' we’ll be selling, Funsta Mugs, Flags, magnetic forty openers, Motorhome Travel Journals n' of course our Tyre Pressure MonitorsJ Call up in fo' a sit-down, a cold-ass lil chat n' a cold-ass lil complimentary fruity-ass malt liquor or brew n' shiz.

    Our thugged-out asses hope you trip off dis rally, If you have any problems at all over tha weekend, please don’t hesitate ta contact Jim or Siân on 0777 xxxx xxx.

    Thanks n' have fun.

    Jim n' Siân
    Brisey & Pamelaaar
    JJ n' Frankie

    (hope I've got rid of all the rude words!)

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  3. ourcampersbeentrashed

    ourcampersbeentrashed Funster

    Apr 19, 2008
    East London
    Wow Janine

    Im impressed

    I hope Jim will print a copy especially for Courtney and Robert :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:
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