Make your own Duvalay type of sleeping bag

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    I recently saw some Duvalays in the for sale section and although I liked the idea I thought they were a tad expensive.

    What does a Duvaly consist of really , 3 main parts , memory foam mattress, single duvet and a double bag type cover.

    What would the individual components cost, Check EBAY for memory foam mattress single 2" Thick 2' 6" Wide for less than £20, A single Duvet for £8 or less and also 2 single duvet sets for under £16.

    So far all the items required to make one are less than £44.00 and possibly less if you shop around.

    Simply take 2 single duvet covers and arrange them long sides together and machine sew leaving 15" at top end not sewn,
    along the bottom edge you now have both openings top one for duvet and bottom one for memory foam. Stitch the two edges at bottom together to seal bottom edge but still allow duvet and memory foam to be easily removed.

    You have more choice of colour, and paterns, choice of duvet and memory foam etc than a ready made one.
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