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    All we want to do is to warn readers that there could be problems if they sign up to anything made by Lunar. We keep to the truth.

    In May, we paid the deposit for our 2008 Lunar Pinnacle. We waited a long time, there was no information, we found out that the dealer was overloaded with work and took on even more. We collected the van in late June, but no warranty was given. Soon after, we ordered parts as there was no water or heating. They did not arrive. We wrote emails and letters to the dealer and then to Lunar HQ in Preston. All were ignored.

    We have been forced into creating a website to show the unanswered letters. Please paste the link into your top browser or Google. We welcome your published comments on this Motorhome Fun site. There’s an email link there (as well as the one here) to us for specialised information, questions and comment.

    As you will read, "lunar lunarcy" means the inability of a dealer and Lunar HQ to follow good custom and practice re after-sales service.


    Mike and wife.

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    we too bought a Lunar in April 2008 and have regretted that ever since, we rejected it straight away and are now locked in with solicitors etc trying to get things sorted out.
    now with news that lunar are not making anymore motorhomes in 2009 and have made redunancies we are even more worried than ever!! cant say to much because of the legals. :Sad:
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    The link in your sig is Broken Mike
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    i for one cannot fault lunar
    have said this before lunar do not make the pinnacle ,its made for them by road car
    lunar will not be help full if you dont go through your dealer .
    please dont shout at me for this post,
    i had some hair pulling time at the point of sale but the dealer and lunar got it right in end
    thats 8 mths ago and no problems since.
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