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Jun 18, 2022
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Elddis Encore 275
Hi all. I am changing my leisure batteries from lead acid to Lithium and I read in the KS Batteries advert that the charger and solar panel controller do not require changing? I have a 22 reg. Elddis Encore 275 and have read on numerous occasions on this forum that the vehicle charger MUST be changed for lithium batteries. Has anyone exchanged to KS batteries and not changed the charger? Also your thoughts on KS batteries.
Sep 28, 2021
Worcester, UK
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Fitted a 200amp under seat lithium from Ks last year just changed the van settings to gel no issues.
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Lenny HB

Oct 18, 2007
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If you don't have Lithium profiles on your mains & solar chargers you will never get the best out of the batteries and you will also need a B2B with a Lithium profile.
If you are going to make the change it's worth doing the job properly.
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Sep 3, 2012
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C Class Elddis 175
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We have an Eldiss 175 ,so much the same set up electrically.
We installed an Ecotree 100ah lithium with blue tooth and heater pad.
We have 2 X 100 w solar panels and I did change the original pmw solar controller to an mppt but not with a lithium profile.( One I had from a previous van).I don't have a B2B or a smart alternator
Basically the lithium battery is always showing a voltage of 13.5 a plus. The Eldiss built in charger ,which is not adjustable, sees this as a fully charged battery so only puts in a low 1 amp or so trickle charge. Similarly with the solar controller on gel setting only puts in a few amps.
When travelling with the fridge in battery mode any surplus alternator current is charging the lithium but at a low rate. Most amps come from the solar. I really need to change my solar controller for a lithium profile to allow more current to the lithium battery. Changing the charger imo is not worth it as if your on hook up you don't need the battery anyway and it will charge up slowly in the back ground,similarly when parked up on the drive. My lithium has never dropped to low levels ,around 50% is the lowest state of charge observed, but it is slow to charge back up. I intend to add a further 100 w panel .to improve the solar power.
If you move around a lot a B2b may be the way to go but if your staying put for a few days I 'm not sure if that's the answer to charging lithium's either
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