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Found some useful tips while browsing:

So what is the first and logical thing to do to help keep those carpets clean? Take off your shoes! So much dirt, sand and even oil residue (from gas stations) is on the bottom of your shoes.

Place a plastic mat, outdoor carpet or a carpet sample outside your rig and a rug of some kind inside the door.

How else does dirt get inside your rig? Well, if you have pets you have another dirt tracker to contend with. Place towel near the door and try to wipe their feet before you let them in the RV. Another suggestion is to keep their nails short to reduce wear and tear on your carpets.

Of course, you need to vacuum your carpet regularly by using slow and deliberate motions and push the vacuum forward motion following the pile direction of the carpet. Then reverse the direction.

A vacuum that has adjustable and rotating brushes (to loosen soil) and a strong airflow to pick up particles is best.

Now if you get spots in your carpet, remember don’t rub spot always blot. Use a soft absorbent cloth. Whatever you use always, test in an inconspicuous area. If using a spot removal agent follow directions, start at edge of soil and work toward center using small amounts.

Try using shaving cream to remove food stains. Spray on and let set for 15 minutes and then rinse with vinegar and water solution.

Use club soda on red wine spots or immediately pour a glass of white wine on the stain. This neutralizes this red wine and stain is gone. If you spell white, win dab with vinegar.

Try an enzymes product (found at pet stores or RV stores) to remove stains and smell from a dog accident.

Remove oil from your carpet by using baking soda and cornstarch. First, absorb all the oil you can than sparkle the mixture over the stain and leave overnight. Vacuum the next day. If there is still some discoloration then blot the stain with mild dishwashing liquid that cuts oil and grease.

Now if your carpet needs a deep cleaning what do you use? You really need to research this one. Does the RV manufacturer recommend any one system?

There are dry carpet cleaners that come in two forms: dry foam/shampoo and dry polymer compounds. Which does not work for all carpets.

There are foam and steam cleaning systems. There are different kinds of chemical to consider. You can do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Of course, you still have to question him on his method and what chemicals he uses.

Any more tips??

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