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Jul 19, 2007
Sutton on Sea, UK
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RV gives police faster turnaround on arrests

Statesman Journal
August 25, 2007

A Winnebago equipped with alcohol breath-tests, two temporary holding cells and a mobile communications center might stand out during a county fair or other outdoor event. But that's what police are hoping for. On Friday at the Oregon State Fair, Oregon State Police introduced the dark blue, 36-foot-long motor home available for use by any law enforcement agency in Oregon in an effort to target drunken driving.

The $171,000 custom-fitted Winnebago will help cut down the time it takes for officers to process DUII-related arrests, especially at large events where alcohol is served, officials said. The vehicle was purchased by Oregon Department of Transportation through a grant. Administrative duties and long-distance travel can tie up officers who could be spending more time on patrol, Oregon State Police Superintendent Tim McLain said. "There's nothing that can replace the cop on the street," McLain said.

Dubbed the Mobile DUII Processing Center,the vehicle will sit on display at the Oregon State Fair and then hit the road next week to patrol a rodeo in Paulina. State police troopers from the Prineville command center will use the vehicle.
In September, the Winnebago will appear at Oktoberfest in Mount Angel for the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

Inside the motor home, three breath-alcohol testing units, laptop workstations and two temporary holding cells give officers quick access to resources during DUII-related arrests, said Oregon State Police Sgt. Tim Plummer, who leads the state police patrol services division.
Law enforcement agencies around the state can reserve the vehicle for an upcoming event or holiday at which a large number of DUII-related arrests are expected, Plummer said.
State police drive the vehicle to the event, where it is staffed by the local police agency.
Officers who stop a driver suspected of driving under the influence can bring in the suspect to the Winnebago and perform a breath-alcohol test, which takes about 15 minutes. While inside, the officer can run background checks on the suspect on one of three laptop work stations, and print out test results. If the suspect fails the test, the officer can write up a citation and process the paperwork, then turn over the suspect to a safe driver, or to a waiting multi-passenger van to be taken to jail.
Plummer said the entire arrest time can be cut in half, allowing the officer to return to patrol.


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Aug 2, 2007
Leicester, UK
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How about the other way around... A motorhome in a Jail.

Don't laugh, there's one on ebay right now..

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(Well at least you won't get your possesions robbed)


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How about the other way around... A motorhome in a Jail.

Don't laugh, there's one on ebay right now..

Link Removed

(Well at least you won't get your possesions robbed)

That's right up your street Wile.....your very own jail ::bigsmile: You could sit in it to your hearts content :roflmto: :roflmto:

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