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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Braunston, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. Braunston


    May 21, 2008

    Just been to have a look at a friends computer that he has been having problems with and it appears it has a number of Viruses which appear to have come from a lack of virus protection. They purchased their computer about 18 months ago and had been under the impression that it had a well known virus protection program installed so all was well, they had obviously missed any updates and failed to read the small print and pay the annual fee for there well known virus protection had long past its sell by date to coin a phrase, so was pretty near useless.

    So just a word of warning if you have purchased a computer in the last few years that came with Virus protection software installed and you haven't paid a subscription lately/or ever, I would suggests you double check to see if its database is up to date as there is a strong likelihood that its not, if it isn't you may want to either pay the subscription ASAP or perhaps if you haven't already done so, download one of the Free Versions that are available, but what ever you do DON'T DO NOTHING

    If you want a link to a free version try this AVG Free - Download antivirus and antispyware software for Windows XP and Vista
    There are others

    hope that helps someone
  2. ricwig69


    May 1, 2008
    Newcastle (The Toon)
    Just to follow on from this...

    As a sideline, I run my own PC repair business and the vast majority of PCs/laptops I've had in over the last few years for virus removal have not lacked any anti-virus software, but a working (and correctly configured) firewall.

    After I clean the machine up I always install Zonealarm and AVG (belt and braces). I have yet to have one come back with any malware, spyware or viruses - or is that virii...?
  3. scotjimland

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Suffolk Coastal
    Removing Norton Anti virus

    Removing Norton Anti Virus...

    When I purchased the Sony it came pre loaded with a 90 day trial version of Norton but I decided that rather than start with Norton and change at a later date I would install AVG from day one.

    All went well until I decided to un install Norton, I had all sorts of conflicts afterwards and contacted Sony for a solution..

    I was advised to go to the Norton site and download the Norton removal tool which would remove the hidden files and registry entries, parts that Windows un install had left behind and were messing up AVG

    Norton Removal tool

    Download and run the Norton Removal Tool

    I did this and it worked a treat.. :thumb:
  4. PeteH

    PeteH Funster

    Nov 22, 2007
    East Yorkshire
    NORTON Removal


    Take heed of this IF you have Norton (and I have on two machines). SHOULD you wish to change to ANYTHING else. Then DOWNLOAD the norton removal tool and use it BEFORE you load a new AV programme.

    I had an OLD version of norton running under WIN98 on an old laptop which I used as A GPS. I tried to load AVG, and the GREIF I had was in shedloads. Eventually I re-formatted the disk and started again. Cost a whole weekend of work!! Then SWMBO said I could have a Sat - Nav, and b***er me I dont need it Now!!!

    Say - Lavi (I think??)


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