Is this proper wild camping

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    As you can see from the pictures the hills around Todmorden are a bit wild for sure but this will have to be home for a few weeks while we look after our daughters pub while they go on holiday.

    Typically there is no sunshine and without a doubt we would rather be at Motorhome Friends down in the Algarve, unfortunately needs must as I have to sort out my C1 licence before September.

    To be truthful it ain't half bad and the purists will say it isn't wild camping as we have electric hook up, a very good wifi thanks to our new iBoost, sat. tele., and free food and beer in the pub below. Heaven only knows where the son in law has hooked our leccy to and I ain't about to ask. The only downside is the number of steps to lug the water up and worse to crawl back up after a late session in the bar.

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    Perhaps you need to ask yourself why they made you park out of sight :ROFLMAO:.

    A long pipe and submersible pump into a keg should pump it to the van though - just forget water for a couple of weeks :winky:
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