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    Sep 12, 2007
    Clearcreek Twp. couple outwits apparent Internet scammer

    Don and Melanie Fox were asked to cash check and send extra money after trying to sell their motor home.

    By Richard Wilson
    Staff Writer Dayton Daily News

    Thursday, November 08, 2007

    Clearcreek Twp. — When they received a check in the mail for $57,500, Don and Melanie Fox of Clearcreek Twp. went to the police instead of the bank.

    That's because the Foxes were slyer than the scam artist who sent the check as payment for their 2001 Georgie Boy Landau motor home.

    Don and Melanie were contacted by e-mail from the unknown person after they posted an advertisement for the vehicle at The ad contains their contact information, a full description and several photos of their motor home, which they used to travel the country building homes for Habitat for Humanity. Don said he was immediately suspicious of the person behind the e-mail, who didn't provide his name and wrote in "all caps" and broken English.
    "I didn't lose anything. All I've lost is a little time and paper," said Don, a retired computer programmer.

    The incident involved sending a check for $7,600 more than the asking price of $49,900. The check came in an envelope that was postmarked from the Republic of Benin in Western Africa. Though the check wouldn't have cleared for seven to 10 days, the person insisted that Don and Melanie cash the check right away, then send his "shipper" a check for the difference.
    "In the meantime, you're out of your money and they've gone on to scam someone else," Melanie said.

    Don and Melanie didn't try to cash the check and are curious to know what would happen if they did. Instead, they contacted police, who told them that there wasn't much they could do about the Internet fraud, advising them to report it to the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    To avoid scams like this, Don advises to never send money or bank information to someone you don't know and be careful when dealing with someone in another country.

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  2. Henryhymer


    Nov 22, 2007

    Thanks to reading this article I was even more aware of potential scams than I was before. I have recently advertised my old campervan for sale on Ukcampsite sale board and was contacted by Frank D [] The emails were signed Mark. Intially he appeared to be a genuine buyer asking for photos and further details of the van. However today he has contacted me to say that he will be sending me payment for the van plus £2000 which I need to forward to assist him in the purchase of an oil drill in Libya! Somehow I think not!

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