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  1. Jumping Jack Flash

    Jumping Jack Flash

    Jun 13, 2016
    Hello Everybody

    Iam new to this forum. We are at present in Kyrgyzstan on our way down to Malaysia and back to the UK on a 19 month trip. However I have a 12V Indel B Cruise 49 compressor fridge in our Landover defender, and for some strange reason it is completely draining the aux battery every night. I have turned off the fridge at the thermostat control, only to find the aux battery empty the next morning 10.8 volts. The only thing what seems to work is if I take the fuse out of the main fuse box so the fridge isn't getting any electric supply what so ever then the battery stops full at around 12.8 volts. The thing is there seems to be a drain somewhere or the fridge is knackered. Also it is working nearly all of the time, temp around 35c during the day and around 25 of a night. When we were in Uzbekistan we came across a French couple with the same fridge and they had no problems. Any suggestions or help would be really appreciated

    Many Thanks

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