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Discussion in 'Computers' started by tofo, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. tofo

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    Oct 1, 2007
    Kirby cross further from londin
    storey is
    i managed to break the back of my i phone 4
    i replaced the back with a mickey mouse one

    then managed to break the front screen
    now replacing that is a little more involved

    and with my sausage shaped poor grip fingers
    made it a no no for me see below link
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q74uQdl7V6M"]How To: Replace iPhone 4S Screen | DirectFix.com - YouTube[/ame]

    it would seem many shops would do it for £60-£70

    called apple lakeside thurrock
    apple will exchange my phone for a refurb one £119

    refurb is a remanufactured phone with new battery
    my battery was spent anyway

    now up until i damaged the phone i was thinking
    of changing to samsung galaxy
    checked the cost of a new screen
    £135~£170 fit yourself

    so i bit the bullet and paid £119
    to get a refurb phone

    went in aprehensive
    thinking o re input the phone numbers
    but no backed up to the cloud(apples)
    then a few ids and passswords

    new phone up and working before i left the shop
    only thing to do at home was log it on to our wi fi

    and set new passcode all photos ,email settings
    fun logged on without having to log in

    so all in all i dont have to learn how to use a new fone
    this one isnt damaged
    and looks as good as new
    suit me for a year or two now

    :thumb::thumb::thumb: ​
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  2. jeepmadmike


    Dec 23, 2012
    I am a complete apple junkie because of iCloud, it makes trashing your phone a very easy replace.

    iPhones amaze me with there resilience, I've killed two. The first I dropped it in my stream! It still worked but no longer had any reception the second went for a 10foot flight and landed hard on concrete, again it still worked but the reception was rubbish.....

    Before anyone say's Nokia brick, mine never lasted more than 6months before the buttons would stop working and the speaker would be full of swarf
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  3. LesAshmore


    Jan 20, 2009
    Chesterfield, Derbyshire
    I have been a total Iphone addict ever since they came out, I have Ipad, Imac and Macbook pro, Then three months ago my Iphone broke and I borrowed my sons spare Samsung S3 :Blush:

    Now I use a samsung Galaxy S3, in my Honest opinion they are better than the Iphone and can do everything Iphone can and a lot faster, Once they come up with a cable to link to Pioneer ICE they will take it all.

    I still have my repaired Iphone but use it as an Ipod and I supposed it is handy to have a spare in case ! :RollEyes:
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  4. Gromett

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    Feb 27, 2011
    I never got on with the iPhone, far too many fault, glitches and restrictions on use. I ended up putting it in a drawer and buying a bunch of old Nokias off ebay... I do love my iPod nano (oldish one) and my iPod Touch. These are untouchable as far as music and audio tapes are concerned.

    These iPods are tough as old boots and they must be 5+ years old if not older and still going strong. The iPod Touch even has the entire wikipedia loaded onto it so I can access it without internet. Brilliant.
    Got my French dictionary and grammar apps plus lots more as well as over 30GB of music and language lessons.

    I did try playing with a galaxy S2 but couldn't get on with the touch screen. Still love my Blackberry keyboards. Just a shame the software is so crap.

    Still planning on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for my next phone. If it lives up to it's billing I will finally donate my iPods to family members and get rid of my Blackberry tablet. I will then be down to one phone, one ebook reader, one computer and two laptops :ROFLMAO:
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