I must have made some cctv camera man smile

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    Crossing from cherbourge to dieppe is 3.5 hrs. I left at night to avoid traffic, and planned to do the trip in one hit without a break due to the fact my fan won't switch off without me banging it or remove the fuse.
    After a huge bridge, bigger than I seen in Africa, travelling in rain, thunderstorm, winds at 25 m/h over bridge.. I hear
    ....take exit 5 , porta 400 600... well it was closed by police. No problem, as sat nav will redirect me. Continue ...to ...6 booths in front of me with a t sign. Me thinking t = tag, prepaid, like at Dartford bridge, another two booths separated on the right...ahh cash , coins, yes I know that sign. I paid my 1.30 Euro cash there....travelled on the only road ahead, came to more booths with t signs and cash signs. Paid my 1.30 Euro...went over huge bridge at 25/30 mph due to rain, wind etc . Paid yet another 1.30 Euro , and crossed . Another huge bridge. Soon, take exit 5, porta 400 600. Road blocked by police, continue as sat nav will redirect me.
    After crossing 5 very steep bridges I started to wonder why the french were so unimaginative that each town had to have an exit 5 marked porta 400 600. Also , why the f... did I take toll roads for travelling faster? All these bridges , at 25 mph, the stopping and starting of van , to get in and out, and paying these tolls, is SLOWING me down. I'm not very happy, I been travelling 4 hrs but in theory , I still have another 2 hrs to go.! !
    ....not giving up, I will get to diepe tonight.....another few bridges., more 1.30 euros ....take exit 5, porta 400 600.
    2am too tired to continue, I pull into aire, I still had two hrs travelling ahead. I was supposed to arrive at11pm! ! .I asked my friend to Google earth how many f...... more bridges ahead.! Cause I'd rather go the longer route.

    I made the camera man's day as there is only one bridge.

    Ps. Exit 5 porta 400 600 , next day had limited access due to burnt out car s and tires on most exits of round abouts. Later I learnt due to French pre strike.
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