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    The swing bathroom wall on my Hymer is held in place by a plastic catch with a spring behind it which I think is common to a lot of models.
    Well, predictably it has broken at the hinge. I`ve tried to superglue it but just breaks off again as there is so little surface to surface contact. I had considered reinforcing it on the back with more plastic but I`m not sure that would work.
    Has anyone else had this problem and did you find a solution ?
    Does anyone know where I might source a new part ?
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    First time it failed, I bought a replacement plastic panel into which the clip is moulded. This lasted about six years before showing signs of fracturing. Before it broke completely, I removed the panel and fastened a strip of spring steel across the back of the catch, cementing it in place with Sikaflex. The spring steel that I used was cut from an old-fashioned draughtsman's drawing board clip, bending it slightly to follow the contour of the plastic clip. You have to remove the spiral spring from the back of the plastic then refit it on top of the spring steel.
    If you decide to replace, rather than repair, expect the clip panel to be quite pricey. I paid £25 in 2008 and was told at the time, that that was the 'old' price and it should have been over £30. I would try Premier Motorhomes if you want to buy one Premier Motorhomes of Chichester
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