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  • Thanks for your reply.
    We are 7.5m and although the site sounds nice I have been put off by the reviews of the entrance and slopes particularly exiting the site on the steep slope.
    Several peeps say ok and several say never again.
    If experienced funsters say no then I listen however maybe some are not as experienced with their van as others.
    Where did you stay in Sorrento when you were there. We go in March and are not sure where to stay.?
    We were in a hotel on a fly holiday to Sorrento but I walked up to the campsite at the far end of the town, can`t remember the name but it`s on the apps and in the books. Quite a sloping site and some reviews are less than complimentry but looked ok to me. I don`t think there are a lot of sites in the area. In March you should be ok driving Amalfi drive as it won`t be that busy. Depending on what you drive of course.
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