Huawei E5776 MIFI - how to change WIFI connection name (1 Viewer)

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Aug 22, 2007
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For those who have the above MIFI (which I recommended ages ago: cheap-4g-mifi ) I thought you might like to know how to change the name of the unit that shows up in your wireless connection list (bottom right of your PC/laptop screen which you connect to).

Someone just asked me how to change it so I've found out and done it on mine and can confirm that it works, below is how to do it. [Note that you are not restricted to having an EE sim in the MIFI to do this, your normal mobile provider's sim will do.]

To change the SSID in your MIFI sim account you need to:
  • open your 'EE' MIFI screen [ mine is: http://ee.mobilebroadband/ ]
  • click on Settings at the bottom of the screen
  • now log in [ usually admin and admin ]
  • in the list on the left click on WLAN (3rd item down)
  • then left click on WLAN Basic settings
  • you'll then have a screen showing the SSID - you can rename it here - I called mine MIFI for simplicity [the default SSID name is: 4GEEHuaweiE5776...]
  • then press Apply
  • look at the wireless connections list (bottom right of screen) - the old name will disappear after a few seconds and the new name will appear which you'll need to connect to as normal in order to access the web just as you did with the old one.
I've put a screen shot of where you alter it in the EE account below:


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