how many teeth do you have ?

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    May 31, 2009
    before you start looking in the mirror , this is about mechanics , not orthodontics!

    just had a bit of a jolt to my pre-conceived ideas whilst surfing to decide what make of timing belt to fit on my ducato based motorhome ; in the course of this I came across some Continental technical bulletins [ basically aimed at the trade ], in one of which it was confirmed that on a particular fitment they had changed the number of teeth by one due to a change in the tooth profile !
    well , I was astonished ! thought the number of teeth was cast in stone [ or should that be neoprene :Smile:] ; anyhow , something to look out for ....there has been a recent case [ here or the fiat forum ? ] where someone ,having replaced the belt ,was on the third one with a different number of teeth before it was correct

    what did I buy ? Continental for both timing belt and drive belt deal I could get on a top brand which [ having been in the business ] I know Conti to be
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    I used to think the same..
    but recently I have read a bit regarding making quite radical changes to valve timing (more than a tooths worth) .. even thought about it with the chevy ..

    one of my cars :) has four camshafts, and each is adjustable to a certain degree :) ..
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