How Hardy are you Rally Goers ?

Discussion in 'Rally Planning Discussion and Chat' started by ukrv, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. ukrv

    ukrv Deleted User

    I've just been looking at some pics for a Rally with the MotorhomeList group.

    Here's a pic of someone having to be towed ONTO the rally field.


    Would you take the risk getting ON to the field ?

    And, here's another one getting towed OFF again after the Rally :ROFLMAO:


    I don't think I'd do it in the RV :Eeek:


    PS There's a Rally being organised between various different forums (Motorhome-Living, Wildcamping and Motorhometoday) - might it be something MHFun should join too ?

    Here are the details :-

    A Joint Meet-up

    Stratford upon Avon - Friday 18th April to Monday 21st April

    Riverside Caravan Park,
    Tiddington Road,
    Stratford Upon Avon
    CV37 7AB

    Price per night; £7

    This meet / rally is essentially a chance to meet up with members of other motorhome forums including:
    Motorhome-Living, Wildcamping, and Motorhometoday
  2. Don Madge

    Don Madge Funster

    Aug 27, 2007
    East Yorks
    Hi Paul,

    The pics were taken at Bloxham steam fair in June, I was there and my Timberland was towed off the field by two 4x4's.:Blush::Blush:

    There was a couple of ARV's there but I don't know how they got on as I was one of the first out on the Sunday morning.

    I think you will find it's the Motorhome-List not Living that is involved in the meet.:Smile:

    You need to watch the dates as this years get together coincided with the Peterborough Show.:Blush:

    I think (Voxy) the organiser would have checked that the dates don't clash next year.

    The venue is a good place to have a get together, it's an easy walk into Stratford on Avon.

    If all goes to plan we will be in Crete.:Cool:

    Safe travelling


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