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  1. EA7VPG


    Jul 27, 2011
    Malaga, Spain
    Hi to all..
    After years of prevaricating we have finally taken the plunge and bought a 1999 2.8 td Fiat Ducato Elnagh Sleek here in Spain with Spanish plates. It was a toss up between returning to UK and purchasing a UK plated LHD or RHD and bringing the baby back here with all the associated costs i.e. flights to UK, hire car, accommodation, ferry return, mileage, plus, plus against a local Spanish plated one. The downside buying here you don't seem to get the same value as UK especially on the mileage. The new four wheel West Highland Terrier dog kennel has 160,000km on it circa 99k miles. We take delivery tomorrow then take the girl straight to a British run garage for a cambelt kit change, brake and engine service. Here in Spain the MOT (ITV here) is every two years. Insurance came in at 375 euro (340 UKP) including breakdown and windscreen breakage. Could of been cheaper with a greater no claims which you have to build up again.
    I was a bit concerned over the high mileage compared to others in UK... however some of the more experienced MH fraternity assure me this isn't a concern. The mileage apparently was built up by the original owner driving down from Finland each year to spend the summer here. It has had two previous owners. If any of the forum members have any advice on this one niggling issue it would be appreciated.
    That's about it.. just got to get the wife clued up on emptying the poo loo and discover how to wash plates again. The flip side is I do all the driving.
    I'm sure I will be posting lots of questions initially.

    Many thanks to the members and administrators for the forum.

    Is there any other expat forum members on the Costa Del Sol?

    atb Neil
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    Mar 21, 2009
    Harwich, Essex
    In Spain Vehicles over 10 years old have to have ITV every year - our car is 1999 and needs one every year now - still only takes 10 mins from start to finish to do the test, we timed it this year!
  3. icantremember

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    Sep 2, 2010
    Nr Watton in Norfolk
    Is that like a BBC but different????:Blush:
  4. Detourer

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    Jul 30, 2007
    Spain and Morocco
    Slightly off topic but.......

    On paper the Spanish ITV [MOT] is tougher than the UK MOT.

    While not on tour with us [which is not much] our mechanic does his “own thing” [moonlighting?].

    I have been with him taking vehicle to the Malaga ITV centre knowing there were obvious and dire failure points, just to get a full list of what needs doing......only for them to, shockingly, pass the vehicle on test.

    Then again I have seen vehicles [mine] with the slightest fault i.e. slightly sticking door handle, fail..........

    EA7VPG........I have sent you a PM.


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