Help with fitting a JVC KD-S641 pls ? (1 Viewer)

Nov 14, 2020
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I've got a JVC KD-S641 CD/Radio. I think it's an older model, but it is unused.

The instructions say " Precautions for ISO connector wiring . . . because this unit has highpower amplifier either connect yellow backup lead to car's live terminal rated 10a OR extend the yellow wire to + terminal of battery". It also says check the pin assignments as vehicles vary.

The manual with it is dated 2002.

So I'm wondering if the instructions are from a time when when connections were less standardised ?

Wondering if perhaps in more modern vehicles:
A) the 10a requirement would be standard in loom ( or, in 2022 will I really have to run a separate wire to battery! )
B) the pin assignments would be standardised so the supplied harness would be ok to just plugNplay.
(MH is 2008)

Only reason for concern is that instructions also say the unit might be damaged if connected incorrectly.

So should I:
A) panic
B) just plug it in with crossed fingers
C) sell the MH and get one with empty ashtray
D) post it on MHF forum and plead for help with big round puppy eyes
Sep 29, 2009
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I did have a problem fitting a JVC dab head unit, I purchased a iso wiring adaptor from eBay to go from ford plug to an ISO. All went well until 6 months later I realized I was getting flat cab batteries if the van was left more than 4 weeks, (had replaced 8 year old engine batteries thinking that was the fault).

On checking the pins the ford alarm, electric Arial, remote control, and backing light dimmer where connected wrongly causing a drain on the battery. Hence I cut all those connections on the adaptor and the problem was solved.

Mine said 10amp supply needed it doesn't draw that. But just check the fuse size in the fuse box.

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