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Sep 25, 2007
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Well, that's it! The money is now in the bank and next Friday the new owner of our pride and joy comes to collect her after we've moved our stuff out.
We've had 10 years fulltiming in RV's and it's been fantastic. A lot of tears, a lot of heartache, a hell of a pain in the wallet.........but also a lot of fun and smiles.
ffiona and I are not giving up on the lifestyle just yet, but I'm afraid that we simply cannot continue with RV's and STILL have something left for retirement. :Sad: Our dream is to hit Spain for the winters.:thumb:
So, for now, we've bought a very nice twin axle caravan, which, apart from the lack of a slideout has a very similar layout to our Landau.
We're gonna give it 12 months in the caravan and see how it goes. We recon after that time it'll be either..........
a/ this is cr*p, we ned more space, in which case we think the next step will be a static.
b/ this is great, why didn't we do it years ago!

We really dont know which way it's going to go and we're keping an open mind.
RVing has been fun but I can't deny that we're a little bit fed up with some of the hassle which goes with it. Width issues that are STILL unresolved, despite the protestations of a certain dealer in the north whom I consider to be nothing short of a thug in a suit!, Caravan Club wardens who take on the face of a split clog when we turn up, campsite owners, who, after we spend 1/2 hour on the phone using words like, truck, bus and coach STILL say "Oooooooooo, we didn't realise it was THAT big!........for crying out loud, what part of truck do they not understand!....and the latest one, being asked for an extra £5 per night fo electric. Now, Ill be the first to admit that RV's use a bit more power, but come on, £5 per night!, I dont think so.

Well done Jim, for setting up a FANTASTIC site. I've had a lot of help and advise from it.....also, I like to think that I've helped people out with RV and Fulltiming issues.

THANKYOU, to everybody who's helped us, we're probably going to use something like "touring and" from now on because of the caravan content of the site, but I'll still be lurking here from interests sake and you nevr know, if finances allow in the future, we may return to motorhoming or RVing in which case we'll probably be back here like a shot!
All the best everyone, thanks Jim for a great creation and I hope everone drives safe and enjoys thier 'vans.

Best wishes
Paul & fiona Wrigley + Dougal the daft Persian.
somewhere in Cheshire.[/quote]


Jul 19, 2007
Sutton on Sea, UK
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We will miss you guys. You can of course just come along and chat in the "U shaped" and we promise no tugger jokes::bigsmile:

Warmest wishes for the future, I am sure it will be rosy:thumb:


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Just because you have turned "tugger" doesn't mean you have to leave the FUN forum Paul...... after all, we have members here who don't have any kind of leisure vehicle at all but simply like the site for what it is...... FUN! ::bigsmile: have a wealth of RV and fulltiming experience under your would be such a shame to keep it all to yourself :roflmto:

Best of luck in your new home-on-wheels, I am sure you will make the best of whatever you decide to go with.........don't be a stranger though :winky:
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Jul 29, 2007
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Hi Paul and Ffiona
I am sorry to see you leave the fold, but wish you both well in your new venture, if you need proper advise re caravans you can still come back here::bigsmile:
I on the other hand I can not promise no Tugger jokes, besides you would expect no less from me would you:thumb:
Safe Travels and above all HAVE FUN
Ps why your bike rack hasnt been snapped up is a mystery to me:Doh:

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Jul 26, 2007
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Stay on guys please:winky::thumb:

My preference as a vanner was always Caravanning4U so please give it a try as they has a super friendly forum and great bunch of people (the caravanning version on Fun IMHO:winky:)

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Tony Santara

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Jul 26, 2007
Cheshire (ex Mancunian)
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Hi Paul & Ffiona
Sorry your leaving us we will leave the door on the latch for you for when you return
Good luck whatever you do wherever you go :thumb:
Oct 24, 2007
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Bike rack ? What bike rack ? Might be interested !

Paul and Fiona.


Next thing we will hear is that JSW has bought a tree house and Kijana

invented an amphibious tent suitable for fulltiming ( I wouldn't put it past him )

You must be the longest serving fulltimer on these forums although I know

there are many who have done it longer than you but not so internet minded.

For that reason please don't totally go from here and MHF .....if only to keep

us informed of how you are getting on with your new twin axled caravan

friends. I know you LOVE them:winky:
Oct 24, 2007
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Ok I am dim on two counts. I can't edit the last post and I did not see

the free bike rack thread.

Anyway I want a bike rack......NOT A MOTORBIKE RACK:Doh:
Oct 24, 2007
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Thanks but I want a four bike RV tow hitch bike rack not the Fiamma kind
of stuff.

Do you sell them ? I can obviously get one from America but would have rather

bought a second hand one over here.

By the way................the fiamma link on your posting didn't work !!!

I think Fiamma is great. I wish other manufacturers made is as easy

to buy spare parts for their products.
Jul 20, 2007
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Steering us solidly back on topic...............
Paul and Ffiona we wish you well in your new "home", and as previously said, you have no need to leave this site, it is not "exclusive" at all....
It has been good fun meeting you, albeit quite a while since we saw each other, but you are always welcome to attend any of our meets if you get a chance matey.
Take care both, and looking forward to meeting up again sometime soon.


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