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    Jan 19, 2013
    I've just had the pleasure of experiencing more of that dying art.... GOOD customer service.

    In approx. May last year I had lovely air suspension fitted to my motorhome by the luvverly people at AS Air Suspension at Warrington. Over the last few months I'd noticed on returning to the vehicle that the drivers side airbag had lost a bit of pressure... not much at first but increasingly so.

    A quick call to Cath at AS Air Suspension and an appointment was made for this morning. After fighting the fog and traffic from near Doncaster to Warrington, I arrived and within short order was supping a nice cuppa. The errant system was then quickly sorted and I was on my way again within the hour.

    No stress, no quibbling, just plain good old fashioned friendly efficient service..... why can't all traders be like that? (I am aware that the lovely traders who stalk these forums are generally like that :Cool:). Any trader can do the deed to get you to part with your cash..... the mark of the true professional is how they deal with after-sales issues.

    If you are thinking of getting air suspension, I can seriously recommend AS Air Suspension..... you won't regret it!

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