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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by old-mo, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Just reading "Mengler`s" thread about the use of trailers abroad..

    Hope I`m not breaking any club rules..

    Here is an offer you can`t refuse..

    I have a 12ft X 5ft 5inch bed 4 wheel Trailer that is pretty new and does not get much use..

    The Gross Weight is 1500KG,, the Load weight is 1100KG..... which will carry a small car the likes of a Nissan Micra or similar,, we carry a Honda Jazz, which is just about on the limit ..

    Should any member like the use of this trailer they are welcome, I also have the tie down rachet straps and will show how to fix etc. It will come with a wheell clamp and a hitchlock..

    So all you would need is a matching number plate, the only draw back is it would have to be collected and returned to Brixham area of South Devon..

    It is not for hire it would be loaned, but a small donation to a charity would not be turned down.. Ideal for anybody contemplating buying their own, sort of try before you buy..

    Suggested Charity`s = Marie Curry, Cancer Research or Julia`s House (Hospice for Children)
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    That is a lovely offer and just another thing your membership brings you a great set of generous mates:thumb:

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