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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Mark&Sue, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Mark&Sue

    Mark&Sue Deleted User

    Hey All,

    So what happens in France over Xmas? I was wondering if its anything like the UK whaere bars and resteraunts are open Xmas eve and everything is closed Xmas day and Boxing day.
    Does anyone know any different? We arrive in Le Havre at 1800 on Xmas eve so are heading to Honfleur to park the RV and get some xmas spirit at the Quayside if there's anything open. Were planning on meandering south from there on Xmas day or Boxing day towards Loire.

    Best Regards,

    Mark and Sue.::bigsmile:
  2. haganap

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    Dec 5, 2007
    Cheshire- England
    for me/us France is a wonderful place for xmas. We have spent a couple over there including Paris on xmas day. Nikki celeberates her birthday on christmas day, so one year I took her to paris for a getaway from xmas, birthday celebration.
    Xmas is far more low key over france than over here. It is very much a family time and a time of religious festivity. Unlike here the minorities have not been allowed to spoil things. There is of course the commercialisation but the French are not as gullible as we brits and go out and buy everything they or no one else needs simply because its on an xmas sale.

    Nearly all resteraunts wehre we have been have been open serving family meals. But dont expect a lot of other things to be open, however I seem to think that the French have their present giving xmas eve (i Think).

    I suppose the only way I can descipbe it from my experience is think back to the 1970s when xmas was differnent to today, where it meant something on a religious basis to so many.

    enjoy it,

    New year was a bit strange, we were there in a typical french town for new year last year, quite strange really, I was in bed by 10pm Nikki took Goerge for a walk around the town and that was it, maily resteraunts open along with bars but not such a big thing.

    In my experiences it is a wonderful place to experience the festive period. Go with the flow and enjoy your self.
    Im sure our resident French member will be along any moment to help::bigsmile:
  3. Mark&Sue

    Mark&Sue Deleted User

    Thanks for the info Haganap, good to know that there will be some life over there over the Xmas period, I just imagined, having riden through France on the bike many times on a Sunday looking for fuel that it might be just like a week of Sundays there. I can breath again now! lol :thumb:
  4. yodeli

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    Oct 12, 2008
    Balma (next to Toulouse) France
    Hi Mark and Sue!

    I supposed Haganap was talking about me:winky:.... so here i am!::bigsmile:

    Haganap got it right, Christmas eve is quite a peaceful and family night, and BTW we do have our christmas presents at midnight usually(good job haganap:winky:). The presents are supposed to be more personal...but just "supposed"...
    You will find most of the restaurants and discos opened especially in big towns. Some of them won't let you in unless you booked before;In small villages the people go in the community hall and have they christmas meal all together, they book their meals about a fortnight before eve and that way lonely people don't stay on their own.
    You will always find petrol available in big towns 7/7 24/24 with your bank card but petrol stations in little towns for most will be closed at 7.00pm!! careful !!

    New year is much more "restaurant" for the elders; and discos or private parties for the youngest, who always manage to rent a big room to party until daylight(my son, the climber, uses to go in a little mountain transit accomodation with all his friends. They cook as in the old times in the chimney,also roast chesnuts , and usually have a snow fight or a nice walk in the snow at midnight)
    New year is the friendship time i'd say.
    Lots of restaurants propose cabarets evenings , so they get sure to be fully booked.
    In little villages they meet again in the community hall and have a bit more fun than at christmas. Usually there's a band playing old tubes so that people can dance valse, tango, java, rock and roll etc....

    I know that in the Alpes you have very tipical christmas eve! they do downhill with torches, it's just fantastic!:whatthe:


  5. Dagwood

    Dagwood Deleted User

    One important point that hasn't been mentioned so far.....
    You'll find some shops and most supermarkets open even on the morning of Christmas Day. One of the great things about France and the French is that they do keep the lines of supply for food open! ::bigsmile:
  6. Mark&Sue

    Mark&Sue Deleted User

    All really good info guys, thanks so much, I'm really looking forward to Xmas eve now. Yipee!


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