Fiamma Awning Support Leg (1 Viewer)

Feb 9, 2008
SW Scotland
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Since 2008 after caravanning for 20 years
A while ago the LH support leg of my awning failed, not dramatically, whilst we were in France. The butterfly nut for adjusting the height of the leg seized in the threaded insert of the leg, this in turn came loose from the leg being only riveted in position. A jubilee clip made a satisfactory though temporary repair.

Looked on line for a new leg but the part was no longer available. Emailed John's Cross who very promptly replied that it's no longer made but advised there is an alternative. Duly order a new leg, delivered promptly (with funster discount), and fitted it today because it's nice and sunny.

The new leg is far more substantial than the original and no longer uses riveted components, much better all round. Now considering changing RH support leg, it is 8 years old though has not failed.

Many thanks to John's Cross.

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