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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by Kon tiki, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Kon tiki

    Kon tiki

    Oct 11, 2007
    North Wales
    We are thinking about taking the long ferry down to Spain next year around the end of February. Our problem is we can't book yet as we aren't sure of the dates we can go, has anybody managed to get a late booking on one of the ferries or do they get booked up? What are the basic cabins like, do they have a power point for a small electric kettle for instance? Any info or experience of what it's like around the end of Feb.
  2. geoff1947


    May 20, 2008

    I always book on the Caravan Club web site Worth looking there but can't advise you otherwise. As I live outside Plymouth (nr Ivybridge) I can advise you on stopovers and shopping etc if you need it::bigsmile:
  3. drs


    Oct 13, 2007
    Ware, Hertfordshire
    Hi Kon tiki,
    I've only used the Portsmouth to Bilboa. Cabins are small but ok, We took a travel kettle but really can't remember where we plugged it in(wether in the cabin or in the corridor) I would book as soon as you can as they do get booked up. It's quite a nice trip they have evening entertainment and during the day you can Whale watch.
  4. chatter


    Aug 3, 2009
    have used both the brittany ferry and the p&o one, take a continental adaptor plug for use in the cabin, i prefer outside cabins as at least you have daylight comming through a window, so you know when its morning, the inside are veryvery dark when light is turned off and i found it very closed in, the cabins are fine if small, once again we pay extra for a 4 berth cabin that way we can both sleep on the lower level, tried a 2 berth once and yours truely got the top bunk , think i spent most of the night awake hanging on incase i fell off as no safety rail and the boat was rolling a bit.

    Crossings dont want to put you off, sometimes its like a mill pond and other times its rough with a big R, we have on one occasion been held out at sea an extra 24hrs due to rough seas and the port being closed due to weather conditions.

    Choice of places to eat also both boats have a pool and a bar with evening entertainment
  5. ronald4874


    Oct 31, 2008
    Poole Dorset
    Spain by Sea

    We have used the Bilbao crossing to Spain in Feb with a 4 berth cabin. We booked only about 2 weeks prior via the Caravan Club, but got all the info from the PO site first to save confusion when booking the tickets. Last time we paid £287 one way, thats Portmouth- Bilbao and came back in June through France. Incidently I did a calculation on the costs via Poole - Cherbourg, fuel costs down to a similar point to Bilbao and found only a £10 difference.
    Who would want to travel through France with heavy snow on one occasion and minus nine on another when one can enjoy the comforts of a cruise.
    Ron W
  6. madbluemad

    madbluemad Banned

    Jan 26, 2008
    As already said by other posters.

    The Bilbao ferry is ok.

    We had a 4 berth cabin. This gave us plenty of space.

    The cabin had a good shower in there.

    Plug a small kettle into the wall. Like others I cant remember whyat type of socket it was so take an adapter.

    Loads of places to eat but expensive. The self service restraunt was ok.

    Night time entertainment is there if you like that kinda thing. Whenever we looked in there it was was chocka with people sitting at tables holding on to the dregs of a pint that they had bought two hours ago. So there was never anywhere to sit.

    I actually never did see any entertainment unless bingo is your thing.

    As it gets later so some get drunker and its not a pretty sight.

    People in the know bought duty freee booze from the on board shop and drank that instead of paying the ridiculous bar prices

    Take as many sandwiches on board with you for snacks, the food is a serious rip off as are the cups of tea and coffee.

    Day times are ok with lots of whales to be seen. Watch out for the professional whale watchers, they run around the decks at top speed, its easy to get caught in the stampede. Theres no need to panick when sombody shouts "Theres a Whale Over There", there are lots of them and you will continue to see them for ages.

    Definatley try out the indoor swimming pool its great.

    Give it about 6 out of 10. It gets you too Bilbao in relative stress free comfort.


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