extend and re-skin a coachbuilt

Discussion in 'Self-Build Motorhomes' started by gazznsam, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. gazznsam


    May 15, 2009
    Eastwood, Notts
    in 2004 we had nu-venture build us a coachbuilt body on our iveco turbodaily van.

    we spent the next 5 years converting it, basing it roughly on an autotrail mohecan, i.e. large rear bathroom, but no overcab bed... using that for storage.

    we are thinking about fulltiming, and need a van with a fixed bed as we are both ill and usually one of us has to stay in bed longer than the other, or go to bed earlier, sometimes stay in bed all day,
    don;t think we could sell the van, as it's customized to our needs, except the fulltiming bit, so was thinking of modifying it.

    anyone on here work with alli sheet? of the type motorhomes are skinned with,

    what i'd like to do it extend the body at the rear by 80 CM, then apply new skins to the sides to cover up the holes already there for windows, lockers and so on that wont be in the right places for the new layout,
    i understand thats how they repair accident dammaged alli coachbuilts... just stick a new skin over the old un,

    i will only be changing things from the wheel arches back on the outside of the body, so dont even need a full length skin, about 3.3 meters long x 2.5 high. as long as a neat join can be made where the origional and new skins meet,
    one side will be next to the entry door, so could be hidden by the edge of that for most of the height,

    anyone on here able to do this?
  2. SpongeBobsDad


    Sep 23, 2008
    north east uk
    re skin

    heiio i don`t know were you are situated but a mate of mine had his whole motorhome re skinned . at TCB, Albert hill industrial estate in Darlington Co Durham . They make and convert horseboxes also caravan and motorhome body repairs .i not sure how much it cost my mate, the motorhome is an A class Tabbert on a merc chassis .If they cant help you try contacting A1 Lesure and speaking to colin .

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