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  1. MrJinks


    Sep 1, 2008
    Dorchester, Dorset
    Having recently fitted an Extend-a-stay to use while in Spain this year I thuoght I would relay my problems getting it set up for Spanish gas cylinders.

    Having read several threads about the need to use a "non-regulator" cylinder tap and the ease of getting one from any DIY or Supermarket here in Spain I can now tell you they are like rocking horse dung.....impossible to find.
    I eventually found one in an ironmongers but although I showed a picture of the set-up he was unwilling to sell it to me as it would not have the proper fittings to connect to US threads. Spanish regs now say no connection with jubilee clips without a regulator. Probably very wise.

    So, my advice....if you have an extend-a-stay and are planning to use it for the first time in Spain (or anywhere in Europe probably) get it setup properly before you leave UK. The gas cylinder taps are available in UK or Ebay and the fittings can be made by a specialist or RV mechanic

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