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    Hi all,

    Having recently had starting problems on our Electrolux Traveller 2.5Kva (Dometic TEC), underslung on the MH, I was given excellent advice from two sources, who replied to my email requests.

    This genny uses the Honda GX 160 engine, and recently it has become reluctant to start. Having done a bit of searching, I contacted Phil at Derwent Technical Services, of North Lincs, who not only responded to my email, but he phoned me on my mobile whilst we were at the Stratford Show.

    The other person who deserves a mention, is Pete at Pete Power of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.
    Pete too responded to my email, and quite extensively too.

    Both gents freely gave help and good advice, and with the help of Alan at DMS, I was introduced to a superb carb cleaner from Germany.

    After removing the air filter and applying the cleaner, we now have our genny starting first time, and running "sweet as a nut". The problem was gumming up of the carburettor components, by the unleaded fuel. All sorted now though. :thumb:

    My thanks to those I have mentioned, and linked to. :thumb:


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