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Discussion in 'The Beginner' started by Spud, Jan 12, 2016.

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    We are planning visiting the Venice area (for 3/4 weeks) and are considering bringing the car on the trailer (MH 9m + 4m). Have any of you good people done this or similar?
    All and any tips, advice, routes, stops, sites, pitfalls etc. welcome.
    NB. This would be our first adventure to mainland Europe!!
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    Any properly constructed Trailer, legal for use in the UK and in good condition, is unlike to attract any more attention than a Caravan, anywhere in Europe. I would advise the use of a "Lock on" device though, to avoid the possibility of the whole rig being Stolen when unattended and security Clamps or chains when Stored.

    Disadvantages, are Possible increased ferry costs mostly due to length and or height, Accessibility on Camp-site pitches for storing when not in use, and OR the site owner may charge extra to store it!, I experience Both in Spain. I note you are going to Italy?. I am unsure of any extra regulations there, But I would check for "Extras" in using Tunnels, and the effect on the so called Vignette? (sorry about the spelling!) which are a requirement to travel on certain Roads in some Countries, Austria?, Switzerland? and parts of Germany?.

    I have towed (and "A"framed) through France, Belgium. and Spain in the past (the only issue was with "A" framing in Spain, Another story and won`t affect you anyway), French "Aires" are very useful, France Passion also (Vineyards). Others will be along I am sure, with advice specific to Italy etc; of which I have no experience.


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