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Mar 26, 2019
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We were intending to tour either Spain/Portugal or southern France/Italy/Croatia for around 6 weeks in our motorhome in late April/May/early June 2023.

The best laid plans have already gone pear-shaped and our timing has had to be brought forward to 6 weeks in March/early April next year.

Does anyone have any suggestions please as to where they would spend around 6 weeks touring Europe at that time? We love aires/small campsites in beautiful countryside with at least the chance of reasonable weather, but have never toured this early in the year before?

What is likely to be open in Spain/Portugal or Italy/Croatia in March? Any other parts of europe worth considering in March? ( we don't have winter tyres, just standard Continentals). Thank you.
Mar 2, 2021
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From our experience, Italy and Croatia will not have warmed up enough by then.

Southern Spain and Portugal will be your best bet for the warmest weather, though March can be wet. Everything will be open, it never closes.
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Dec 20, 2013
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For 10 years now we have left Scotland around mid March and travelled via the tunnel through Northern France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Italy and a couple of times to Croatia. On return we normally travel along the med coast and back up through France to Calais. We arrive home around mid May and cover around 3/4000 miles - 1000 of which are Scotland to Folkestone return.

We love going at this time, and whilst some sites don’t open until April there are loads open. We tend to use our ACSI discount card for most sites unless there are none listed in the area we are visiting. Many of the ‘bigger’ commercial sites which we would avoid in the higher part of the season have been great as they are quiet - albeit some facilities like their restaurants/pools may not be open that early in the season. Obviously aires in the main are open most of the year.

As for the weather at that time it is generally great for us as we have two large dogs and we don’t like it too hot. Other than the odd day here and there, I can only recall one year where the weather was not great in mid/northern France. We have always had good great sunny weather including travelling through the Mosel/Rhine areas, the Austrian, Italian and French Alps, Croatia and the Med Coast.

If travelling through the Alps you should have winter tyres or chains. However, I have never had to use our chains to date!

We would not go at any other time- and plans are indeed in place for next year!
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Jan 22, 2012
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I would head to Spain. Italy and Croatia might not be warm enough. Other nationalities who winter in Spain will be starting to head home so you'll have a better chance of getting a place. Review your preference for smaller sites as the commercial big sites offer you plenty to do and if the kids are at school they can be relatively quiet. Other option... Drive to Italy, ferry to Greece.
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