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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by Don Madge, Apr 18, 2011.

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    At the MMM team get together at the Peterborough show the subject of being stopped by bogus policemen in unmarked cars particularly on the Madrid ring roads, north and south Barcelona and the Alicante region was aired by a MMM subscriber. I can't verify that these incidents have actually taken place. If you are travelling in these areas keep the following information in mind.

    According to the Spanish authorities in all traffic related matters police officers will be in uniform. Unmarked vehicles will have a flashing electronic sign in the rear window stating "Policia" or "Guardia Civil" and normally have blue flashing lights incorporated into their headlights which are activated when the police stop you.

    I posted the following some time ago and it won't do any harm to post it again. I've amended the original post after checking the details in the Caravan Club, Caravan Europe 1 2011 edition.

    "The Spanish police have set up an emergency phone number (902-10-21-12) with English
    speaking staff for tourists offering round the clock assistance.

    An English speaking operator will take a statement about the incident, translate it into Spanish and transmit it to the nearest police station. You will still have to report in person to a police station if you have an accident or have been robbed or swindled. The help line operator will give you the details of the nearest police station."

    It would be very interesting to hear from anybody who has been "Pulled" by the bogus police.

    Safe travelling.

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    Thanks Don, just written that number on the back page of our journal:thumb:
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    Yes, beware of fake policemen, first of all, policemen use police cars when not undercover, and second, pay attention to the looks of the policemen and their accent, most of this gangs are Romanian, Eastern European or Pakistanis. Also ask them to identify themselves, keep the keys of your vehicle safe and pay attention to their badges (sometimes the used. On the road you will be stopped by the Guardia Civil, except in Cataluña, Navarra and the Basque Country where there is the regional police Mossos d'Escuadra, Policía Foral and Ertzaina, but not out of these regions. You might also find the national Police making a control looking for someone.

    Guardia civil Badge

    Policia Nacional Badge

    Mossos Badge

    Policia Foral Badge

    Ertzaintza Badge

    Replicas of these badges can be easily obtained, so normally don´t trust anyone claiming to be an undercover policeman, he might be one, but that´s not usual at all.

    This doesn´t happen a lot here in Spain, but in any case be careful.

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