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Discussion in 'Tech/Mech General' started by Benni-Boy, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Took the van (Benimar 6000st europe on 2001 Ducato 2.8tdi base) for a service and MOT prior to our first trip to France at the end of July. On the way noticed the clutch was slipping on hills in high gear. I always use Stoneywood Garage in Sowerby Bridge just outside Halifax for MOT and servicing because of their professionalism and friendliness. None of the usual "attitude"" of most garages, with mechanics with faces like a smacked a**e and ignorance to boot! From receptionist to MD everyone is smiling, friendly, chatty and above all helpfull.
    Later in the day I received a call to say the Mot had been done and the guys had adjusted the clutch cable as best they could but couldn't say how long the clutch would last bearing in mind the French trip. They said they would be happy for me to pop in a couple of days before the trip and they would check it again, but I said I would be happier having the clutch replaced as I didn,t want to be listening for slipping clutch noises for the entire journey.
    I was quoted £395 for the job. I had recently read a thread on here about someone being charged 1100 euros in France for a clutch replacement, and figures of £500 - £600 over here so I think I am quite fortunate to have somewhere that aren't ripping me off!
    So, anyone in the West Yorks area looking for an excellent service for work on their motorhome I can thoroughly recommend Stoneywood.
    They are also a huge commercial breakdown company and can handle servicing on large vehicles.
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    Afternoon all,

    Thanks for that.

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    Hi there.
    My personal experience>>
    Whilst touring with our friends in their Hymer 544 they got clutch problems in Biarritz, new clutch fitted for €750 :Eeek:
    Got back to UK and he was complaining about how heavy the new clutch was and he was having trouble selecting gears...
    Took it into Exeter g/box center and the problem was diagnosed as the "PATTERN" clutch fitted being unfit for purpose !!
    Apparently it's quite common :Angry:
    They then decided to sell the van as new GENUINE clutch would be £500 fitted in Exeter g/box center...

    I got them a Hymer 700, same engine as my 660 Merc..:RollEyes:
    Told a good mate about the 544, he bought it, had the clutch redone and has since done over 5000 miles with it !! absolutely perfect, as light as a new modern Ducato clutch :thumb:

    So make sure that IF you have the clutch done, Use only OEM parts NOT Patterns...
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    Hi, That does seem like a very good price, recently got a quote from one of the chains £800, luckly so far not needed to replace it.

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