Drilling hole in floor for toilet vent Autotrail Tracker (1 Viewer)

Aug 3, 2018
Urquhart near Elgin
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Hello again
As I've found out on these pages, autotrail didn't provide a hole in the floor for the thetford toilet vent. My toilet is a c260 and the vent fan is supposed to come on when the flush button is pushed, mine doesn't yet but that's another thread. I'm wanting to add a floor hole for a new vent pipe but before I start I can see a supporting joist very near where my hole needs to be. I can see through another smaller hole through which 2 wires run for the toilet power I assume. The floor is double skinned about 150 mm or so deep to the outside panel. I might be able to skew the 2 holes to pass the joist and use a 42mm flexible pipe as a vent pipe to the outside.

Has anyone attempted this on a Tracker or similar. Thanks folks.

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