Digital TV in France

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    For those of you interested,The French TV will be fully digital by the end of 2011 (UK will be by 2012). This will give viewers a choice of up to 18 free channels.
    Champagne-Ardenne region will change on 28th.Sept. Lorraine on 29th. The Centre and Poitou-Charentes will switch on 19th.Oct. and Bourgogne and Franche-Comte on the 16th.Nov.
    Other regions and Corsica will change progressively between February and the end of November 2011
    Of course this does not mean that your UK bought Freeview box will work nor that you can receive Eastenders,but if you want to watch a footy match or similar you may be able to get a signal,unless of course it has the same foibles as the old Analogue system,best to stick to a dish!!
    Further information on the website
    Happy viewing.

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