Dethleffs 5975 Fortero or similar?

Discussion in 'Dethleffs' started by Marmot, Dec 24, 2012.

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    I am presently at the stage of looking to purchase my first (used) Motorhome. A few days ago i put a thread on the "Beginner" Forum, but having seen this specific forum i feel this may be a more suitable place for my questions.
    Dethleffs is a brand i am considering and would appreciate the input of anyone who has experience of this type of van (good or bad). More specifically i am considering a Fortero 5975 on a Ford Transit, which is a sub 6m van with a fixed rear bed. This appears similar to a number of other models such as the globevan and summer edition, although apart from the Fortero being slightly wider i can not see any real difference!?
    I am also aware that Dethleffs use an Alluminium skin on thier coachbuilts whereas others are GRP. What are the advantages/disadvantages of these different types of construction.

    Thanks for your time.
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    dethleffs are an under rated van. made to the same high standards as hymer and hobby but with differences.

    at a show i was speaking to a motorhome dealer and he said that on the whole they get very few problems with the dethleffs vans as apposed to the other brands they sell but maybe thats a german thing.

    i am very happy with mine although slightly different to what you are looking at being fiat and 8 metres.

    get yourself to a dealership or the NEC show and have a good luck at them.

    if i were to change mine i would definitely have another without doubt.

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