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mark e

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Sep 29, 2007
Rhondda Valleys, S Wales
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Year 3 of ownership !
Took motorhome to have a habitation check done , they found damp on the back access locker under the rear u shaped lounge. They think a duff seal is culprit. The access door has damp in it, which has spread to under it, on floor level :cry::cry:

About 400 hundred pound all in all. Only had it done to sell it, to buy a new ducato van and have it converted myself.

Anybody suffered problems ?


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sorry to hear of your damp problem.....we have had some major damp issues with our van at major cost....feel free to read my blog!!!


Dec 5, 2007
planet earth
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I'm an oldbie MH number 10
I to had a damp problem in I think probably the same area. Mine was on the garage locker door. It had had a bad seal and water had got in over time and got behind the door. It had then gathered at the back and seen its way through the back wall within the garage.
The van was just 2 years old and I had only brought it 3 months earlier. With all the warranty being struck off due to it not being taken for a habitation check by the previous owner I decided to fix it my self. I cut out the old damp board to where it had spread, resealed it all, put new bouard on the garage doot and bingo job done. To this day 3years later, it appears dry, you can see where its been done but being inside the garage of course it doesn't notice.
Dealers wanted about 4-600 to fix it, and some were not interested in doing it. However having had a go at it myself I now realise why, there was a lot involved.
Incedently I got my board from Oleary's and sent them some pics. although the match was not perfect it was close enough.

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