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What changes have you made to the interior of your motorhome?

We bought our existing coach knowing that we'd probably change some of the interior at a later date. (This saved me $2M, but that's a story for another time.)

As bought (new), the living area had two opposing sofas, one of them a sofabed (or bed settee as we used to call them in Wales). This was great for the times when the missus invited everyone in the campground over for cocktails, but not really practical for much else. I don't find sofas particularly comfortable, and it required the use of a coffee table as a makeshift computer table. (The missus didn't like me monopolising the dining table.)

The photos show:

- The original sofabed and makeshift computer table.
- Sofabed removed and dismantled.
- New credenza in process.
- Completed desk and credenza, awaiting a chair.
- New "mobile office".

The new wood appears lighter than the original, but cherry darkens over time and then stops, so now you can't tell the difference between the old and new.



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When I convert the Windsor to UK electrics I changed the TV cabinet, as I was constantly banging my head on it as it was directly over the drivers seat, I removed and cut it down, then fitted a flat screen 26"(I had to replace the TV anyway) in the middle leaning down slightly. No more banging my head getting in and out of the drivers seat:thumb:

Not a Bad job for a hamfisted truck driver?

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I probably have the same bumps on my noggin that you had. I replaced our tube TV with a 32" LCD, but it's temporarily attached to the outside of the old cabinet. I'm going to have to completely replace those front cabinets. Not something I want to tackle myself, and I had quite a shock when I got a quote from a custom RV cabinet shop to do it.
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Thanks for the link Terry. That's very impressive.

I should clarify that I didn't do my mini office. It was done by a custom RV cabinet shop in Junction City, Oregon. We stopped there on our way through so we could finalize the design and they could take measurements. We stopped there again 2 weeks later for them to do the install. We were able to boondock (wild camp) overnight in their parking lot.

These guys have a really nice operation. They used to do all the cabinets for Monaco until Monaco bought Safari and got the Safari cabinet shop, which now makes all the cabinets for Monaco. The independent cabinet shop decided to do custom work to replace the lost business.


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